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  • Allenby, First Viscount. Title of Edmund Henry Hynman. 1861-1936. British field marshal noted for his military successes in the Middle East during World War I.


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  • He also told how one of the American soldiers said that the boys in Allenby's army had sung that song when entering Jerusalem.

    Jazz; Whence? Why? Whither?

  • Now, the campaign under Allenby is a very small one in the Bible, but it is there just the same.

    Allenby's Campaign As Laid Down in the Bible

  • Known as the King Hussein Bridge to Jordanians, the Allenby was the biggest of three bridges over the Jordan River connecting the country of Jordan to the Palestinian territories of the Israeli-controlled West Bank.


  • The congested, hypertense crossing point of the River Jordan, between Jordan "proper" and the Israeli-held West Bank, is to this day known as the Allenby Bridge, after T.E. Lawrence's commander.

    The Perils of Partition

  • And again it occurred in the heart of Tel Aviv along a popular street known as Allenby Street.

    CNN Transcript Mar 30, 2002

  • What we're hearing right now, an explosion described by some as a huge explosion in a market area of central Tel Aviv, along a road called Allenby (ph) Street.

    CNN Transcript Mar 30, 2002

  • Israeli media said the bomb detonated near the convoy taking the Israeli ambassador to Jordan, Dani Nevo, to the bridge, also known as the Allenby bridge, 50km west of Amman. | Top Stories

  • He is author of "Allenby," "A Dispirited Rebellion: Essays on Contemporary Israeli Culture" and the forthcoming "The Settlers & the Struggle for the Meaning of Zionism."

    WBUR and NPR - On Point with Tom Ashbrook

  • He was elated and nervous, a panicky list-maker, invoking the many names this transit point had acquired over the years - 'the Bridge of Return', 'the King Hussein Bridge', 'Al-Karama', 'Allenby'.

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • Al Jazeera's Nisreen al-Shamyleh, at the site of the attacks, said: "This took place near the King Hussein Bridge, also called Allenby in Israel, on the Jordanian side.



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