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  • proper noun Alternative spelling of Althing.


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  • The General Assembly of Iceland (called Allthing) was held annually on the shores of the Lake Thingvalla.

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  • Among the former class may be reckoned Stiftsamtmann von H--- and his lady; a privy councillor, Herr von B---, who had been sent from Copenhagen to attend the "Allthing" (political assembly); and a Danish baron, who had accompanied the councillor.

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  • I love the decree of the Allthing in 1000 AD that basically says, ok, let's become Christians because it's better that the king in Norway isn't pissed at us because we need the trade connections; and those who still want to sacrify to the old gods should do so in secret blotta i lönn.

    Land of Angels, by Fay Sampson. Book review

  • From there we went to the traditional site of the AlÞing Allthing.

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  • The only general assembly was the Allthing of Iceland (established 930), the oldest continuous parliamentary body in existence.

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  • The Allthing lost its legislative power and was dissolved in 1800.


  • Then shalt thou call men to witness, and summon the neighbours to ride to the Allthing to bear witness of the fact, whether they, Kol and his companions, were on the spot, and in onslaught when Hjort was slain.

    The Story of Burnt Njal: the great Icelandic tribune, jurist, and counsellor

  • He had gone to the capital of the island as member of the Allthing; but his daughters received me very hospitably and kindly.

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  • Some writers say that his guard of 600 men, during his visit to the Allthing, was intended not as a defence, as indicated in Madame Pfeiffer's note, but for the purposes of display, and to impress the inhabitants with forcible ideas of his influence and power.

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  • For this reason he could never appear in Iceland without a strong guard, and therefore visited the Allthing under the protection of a small army of 600 men.

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