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  • proper noun informal Abbreviation of Alpha Centauri.


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  • After I left the theater, I was explaining to one of my friends that based on the stated travel time by the cryosleep doctor, and the distance to Alpha Cen, one could work out the ship's velocity profile consistent with relativity.

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  • During the last interglacial period, Alpha Cen did not rank among the brightest stars in the sky.


  • Right now, Alpha Cen A and B are more than 20 AU apart, but within our lifetimes, they'll close to nearly the Earth-Saturn distance as they reach the next periastron of their 80-year orbit in May 2035.


  • We're fortunate that we've arrived on the scene as a technological society right at the moment when a stellar system as interesting as Alpha Cen is in the very near vicinity.


  • A hundred thousand years from now, the Alpha Cen stars will no longer be among our very nearest stellar neighbors, and in a million years, they will have long since faded from naked-eye visibility.


  • In the interim since the last oklo. org update, Debra Fischer obtained one year of NSF funding to begin high-cadence radial velocity observations of the Alpha Cen system with the CTIO 1. 5m telescope in Chile.



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