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  • adjective Of or relating to the Altai, a mountain chain in Central Asia.


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  • 'I don't know much about animal psychology,' interjected Altaian, 'but is it usual for them to attack something completely unfamiliar?'

    Of Time and Stars

  • 'You were right, Altaian,' said Bertrond a little later.

    Of Time and Stars

  • "Let's have a look at those trees," Altaian replied.

    Expedition to Earth

  • "You were right, Altaian," said Bertrond a little later.

    Expedition to Earth

  • Even now I wanted to stay here, but Altaian and Clindar talk of duty, and I suppose that they are right.

    Expedition to Earth

  • "I wonder if that will be true of all his race?" queried Altaian.

    Expedition to Earth

  • Hotel, so the saying goes, exclusiveness for the masses, Altaian was the pioneer.

    Fifth Avenue

  • The Siberian stag grows fat on the stunted growth of Altaian peaks.

    The Abominations of Modern Society

  • Finland, Clean Technology, Kopernikus (GMES) EU earth monitoring, Altaian music.

    News from

  • At the hight of the last glaciation (~18 kya) Siberians were confined to the southern strongholds, which were areas of continuous occupation, and where immediate ancestors of the Uralic, Kettic and Altaian language groups differentiated.

    Dienekes' Anthropology Blog


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