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  • n. The parliament of Iceland. It is the oldest assembly in Europe, first convened in 930.

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  • proper n. the national parliament of Iceland

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  • n. The national assembly or parliament of Iceland. See thing, n., 8.

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  • n. The general assembly or parliament of Iceland.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Old Norse althing, parliament, whole assembly : allr, all; see al-3 in Indo-European roots + thing, assembly.

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From Icelandic Alþingi, from Old Norse alþingi, from allr ("all") + þing ("Thing"). Compare Thing, thing.


  • Usually it refers to some small, original version of a much larger thing (Wisconsin's welfare program was said to be the homunculus version of the federal Welfare Reform Act of 1996; Iceland's ancient parliament, the Althing, is the homunculus version of Congress), but it can also mean someone who resembles the homunculi depicted in illuminated treatises.

    Never Mind

  • This 'Althing' combined both the power of a High Parliament and that of

    A Girl's Ride in Iceland

  • "Althing" gathering last Aug. 29-Sept. 1 on private land purchased by Volksfront in rural Missouri, about an hour's drive north of St. Louis.


  • As I mentioned, this is where Iceland's old parliamentary assembly had its seat in the past -- the Althing, which literally means "everyman's assembly".

    Alda Sigmundsdottir: The Magic of Iceland's Golden Circle

  • The government of Iceland has agreed that it has an obligation and the Althing recently passed a bill setting out the repayment schedule.

    Matthew Yglesias » The IMF in Iceland

  • The DYDA DISPATCHES: The Senedd and the Althing skip to main | skip to sidebar

    The Senedd and the Althing

  • Only Iceland's Althing, founded in 930 A.D., is older.

    1491: excerpts part 3

  • When the Althing in Iceland declared that Iceland was a Christian country, the two major concessions made to those who had not yet converted was the continued legality of infanticide and the allowance of private but not public pagan sacrifices.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Abortion: Murder or Tragedy? Are Those the Only Options?

  • And while I was in Reykjavik, the government fell, after weeks of noisy demonstrations in front of the world's oldest parliament, the Althing.

    Icelandic Dining After the Collapse

  • For our purposes, however, a Toyota Yaris was sufficient, and so we set out in search of the first stop on our excursion - Thingvellir, where Iceland´s first settlers held their national assembly, the Althing, in 930.

    Megan Pillow: Live From Reykjavik, Part III: An Insider��s Look at Iceland Airwaves 2006


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