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  • proper noun A taxonomic genus within the family Trochilidae — certain hummingbirds from the tropical Americas.


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  • Another post on indigenous rebellions can be read at Amazilia [es].

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  • Amazilia Fracaso of Perú Apartheid [es] writes about the failure of Peruvian society and one of those symptoms is that the deaths could have been avoided.

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  • The hummingbird (Amazilia saucerottei australis) and the streaked saltator (Saltator albicollis flavidicollis) are two examples.

    Patía Valley dry forests

  • Birds found here and in only few other places include white-bellied seedeaters Sporophila leucoptera, grassland yellow-finches Sicalis luteola, chalk-browed mockingbirds Mimus saturninus, tropical peewees Contopus cinereus, rufous-throated antbirds Gymnopithys rufigula, black-breasted puffbirds Notharchus pectoralis, and plain-bellied emeralds Amazilia leucogaster.

    Marajó varzea

  • According to Stattersfield et al. this ecoregion falls within the North Central American Pacific slope Endemic Bird Area with four restricted range species three of which are endemic including the white-bellied chachalaca (Ortalis leucogastra), the blue-tailed hummingbird (Amazilia cyanura) and the giant wren (Campylorhynchus chiapensis).

    Central American dry forests

  • Of the more than 40 species of threatened birds found in this hotspot, endemics include the Honduran emerald (Amazilia luciae, CR), the Cozumel thrasher (Toxostoma guttatum, CR) and the Socorro mockingbird (Mimodes graysoni, CR).

    Biological diversity in Mesoamerica

  • Most of the animals to be found in mangroves also appear elsewhere in other coastal ecosystems, and even in areas hundreds of kilometers from the coastal area, as in the case of the scarlet ibis (Eudocimus ruber), although some endemics have been recorded, such as the Trochilidae birds (Lepidopyga lilliae and Amazilia tzacatl) the latter being responsible for the pollination of Pelliciera in Colombia.

    Coastal Venezuelan mangroves

  • Two endemic birds listed by IUCN as vulnerable are found in the mangroves of this ecoregion: the mangrove hummingbird (Amazilia boucardi) and the yellow-billed cotinga (Carpodectes antoniae).

    Moist Pacific Coast mangroves

  • Rufous-tailed Hummingbird Amazilia tzacatl sitting in nest.

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  • Mangroves are also habitat to a number of unique land-based species, such as the mangrove hummingbird (Amazilia boucardi) in Costa Rica or the greater sheathtail bat News


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