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  • A town of west-central France on the Loire River east of Tours. Leonardo da Vinci is said to be buried in the chapel of its Gothic chateau.


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  • [Illustration: AMBOISE -- THE CHÂTEAU] her cap and the cut of her thick brown dress, my companions and I thought we discovered the particular note, or _nuance_, of Orleanism -- a competent, appreciative, peremptory person, I say -- attended us through the particularly delightful hour we spent upon the ramparts of Amboise.

    A Little Tour of France

  • The wife of a saddler of Amboise is saved on her deathbed through a fit of anger at seeing her husband fondle a servant-maid

    The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre

  • Rouland Leroux carved the great mausoleum for Cardinal d'Amboise, which is on the south side of this chapel, or if it had been attained by some men, neither Leroux himself nor Pierre Désaubeaulx his fellow-workman had been touched by it.

    The Story of Rouen

  • On gazing at this splendid monument of ancient piety and liberality -- and with one's mind deeply intent upon the characters of the deceased -- let us fancy we hear the sound of the great bell from the southwest tower -- called the Amboise Tower -- erected, both the bell and the tower, by the uncle and minister of Amboise.

    Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 3 France and the Netherlands, Part 1

  • Next day, just as the Bishop of Valence was about to speak, Coligny went up to the king, made two genuflections, stigmatized in energetic terms the Amboise conspiracy and every similar enterprise, and presented two petitions, one intended for the king himself and the other for the queen-mother.

    A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times, Volume 4

  • The monument of the cardinals of Amboise, which is more splendid, but not of so pure a style, decorates the right side of the chapel: it is placed in the thickness of the wall.

    Rouen, It's History and Monuments A Guide to Strangers

  • And now a third generation is set to take the stage: Mr. d ' Amboise ' s granddaughters, Shelby, age 7, and Josephine, age 8, will make their " Nutcracker " debuts this season as a party guest and a toy solider, respectively.


  • Rory Hohenstein, San Francisco Ballet's Mac, performed happily in the showcase, even if he didn't quite radiate the heat emitted by photos of Christensen, or by Jacques d'Amboise's sweet-smiling and highflying Mac, whose 1954 New York City Ballet performance was captured on film.

    San Francisco Ballet Begins

  • The Duke de Nemours promised the Viscount he would, and took Madam d'Amboise's billet; nevertheless his design was not to see the Queen-Dauphin; he thought more pressing business required his care; he made no question, but she had already spoke of the letter to Madam de Cleves, and could not bear that a person he loved so desperately, should have ground to believe he had engagements with any other.

    The Princess of Cleves

  • To be brief, matters were so well arranged between them that the Lord engaged to spare no pains to enlighten the understanding of Madame d'Amboise's daughter-in-law, who promised to come and study her lesson in his room.

    Droll Stories — Complete Collected from the Abbeys of Touraine


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