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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the tribe Heliantheae — the ragweeds.


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  • Wiretap Studio, from Ambrosia, is one of those really useful utilities (similar to Audio Hijack) that enables you to capture audio being played on your Mac – through your web browser, for example.

    Delicious – in more ways than one « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog

  • When Ambrosia is accused of witchcraft and put to trial by combat, she is forced to play her trump card and call on her brother, Morlock Ambrosius — stateless person, master of all magical makers, deadly swordsman, and hopeless drunk.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Ambrosia is one of those things I rarely think about and never make but when I see it at a buffet (which is generally the only time I see it) I go right for it.

    party food

  • And the good thing about Ambrosia is that those Korean ladies cooking in the back don’t mess around with the spice†if you like heat in your food, this is where to get it.

    Lunch’er Grace Reports: The Ultimate Midtown Soup List | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • Billy hates his mundane job at an undertaker's shop and so takes regular excursions to his imaginary kingdom, called Ambrosia, where he is both "the most famous comedian at the Ambrosia State Opera" and "the only stage personality to rise to the rank of president."

    Psychos, Obsessives And Other Loons

  • She did not tremendously apologize because the hot water tap in my bath-room would not run (as Mrs. Spleist did when one of the twenty electric light branches round my bed-room would not shine); she just said, "You must call Ambrosia" (a sweet darkie servant) "and she will bring you a can from the kitchen."

    Elizabeth Visits America

  • Unregistered versions of Ambrosia's desktop products on DVD-ROM can be obtained at Ambrosia's web site or by calling Ambrosia's order center at 585-325-1910.

    Press Releases

  • Most people probably don't know that the legendary (at least in 90s Mac world) Maelstrom was ported to OS X a few years back (after being a favorite and one of the first successful shareware games ever for the Mac -- from Ambrosia, which is still around).

    VersionTracker: Mac OS X

  • RHM brought in labels such as Ambrosia, Loyd Grossman and Bisto.

    Premier Foods investors pile on pressure for asset sales to cut debts

  • Several years ago, Dormia introduced the "Ambrosia," its top-of-the-line memory foam and latex mattress that featured bamboo ticking.

    Dart Adams presents Dragon Tiger Gate by Wong Yuk Long (Tony Wong)


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