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  • proper noun A person from American Samoa or of American Samoan descent.
  • proper noun Language, primarily spoken in American Samoa.
  • adjective Of, from, or pertaining to American Samoa, the American Samoan people or the American Samoan language.


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  • I'm sure her big faux win there, combined with her sweep of all one delegates at stake in the all-important American Samoan primary, will shift all that mo 'right back to her.

    Kansas Governor Confirms It: She's Endorsing Obama

  • Samoan NonsenseYet another widely circulated bit of Pelosi-bashing claims that she secured wage breaks and tax credits for the American Samoan operations of StarKist Tuna while her husband owned $17 million worth of stock in the company's parent, Del Monte.

    Sliming Pelosi

  • "Did Nancy Pelosi get wage breaks and tax credits for the American Samoan operations of a company in which her husband owns $17 million worth of stock?"

    Sliming Pelosi

  • I thought that Clinton won the American Samoan caucuses.

    Report: Clinton Campaign May Try To Peel Away Obama's Pledged Delegates

  • Economic development credit to American Samoan businesses

    Rescue Plan's Prospects Brighten

  • Economic development credit to American Samoan businesses

    Senate Vote Gives Bailout Plan New Life

  • The American Samoan, who was the first assistant to a local Mormon bishop, admitted the charge in Samoa's District Court and was fined more than $US1000 $950. | Top Stories

  • Which allows an American Samoan worker to have a higher standard of living: being employed at $3.26 per hour or unemployed at a wage scheduled to annually increase by 50 cents until it reaches federally mandated wages at $7.25? stories

  • Emergency officials in the American Samoan capital of Pago Pago said there was one death indirectly caused by Rene - a 50-year-old man who died Friday after falling from a two-story building while boarding it up to protect it from the storm.

    SFGate: Top News Stories

  • She will travel to American Samoan and then to Tonga's Niuatoputapu Island in a few weeks to do the same.

    New Zealand Herald - Top Stories


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