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  • The mobile outer dunes are sparsely vegetated with marram grass Ammophila arenaria, and camarina Corema album, with buckthorn-juniper Rhamno-Juniperetum macrocarpas communities The dry dunes inland have Rhamno-Juniperetum sophora communities.

    Doñana National Park, Spain

  • Introduced weeds such as gorse (Ulex europaeus), Chilean guava (Ugni molinae), and marram grass (Ammophila arenaria) are all problematic as well.

    Chatham Island temperate forests

  • Vegetation of the barrier islands include dune grass (Ammophila), which anchors the sand in the foredunes, and a mix of bayberry, heather and marsh elder dominating the back dune.

    Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve, New Jersey

  • Psamma (Ammophila) arenaria, Tussilago, Farfara, and Asperula odorata, multiply very readily by means of stolons; or others, such as Cirsium arvense, and Sonchus arvensis, produce buds from their roots; or yet others produce numerous seeds which are easily dispersed and may remain for a long time capable of germinating, as is the case with Calluna,

    Introduction to the Science of Sociology

  • Bergson, quoting Fabre, has made play with the supposed extraordinary accuracy of the solitary wasp Ammophila, which lays its eggs in a caterpillar.

    The Analysis of Mind

  • Ammophila to her nest burrow as described in the first story in this book.

    Children's Literature A Textbook of Sources for Teachers and Teacher-Training Classes

  • Even supposing that the Ammophila has come in course of time to recognize, one after another, by tentative experiment, the points of its victim which must be stung to render it motionless, and also the special treatment that must be inflicted on the head to bring about paralysis without death, how can we imagine that elements so special of a knowledge so precise have been regularly transmitted, one by one, by heredity?

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • This feeling of vulnerability might owe nothing to outward perception, but result from the mere presence together of the Ammophila and the caterpillar, considered no longer as two organisms, but as two activities.

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • The Ammophila, no doubt, discerns but a very little of that force, just what concerns itself; but at least it discerns it from within, quite otherwise than by

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • The Ammophila, we imagine, must learn, one by one, like the entomologist, the positions of the nerve-centres of the caterpillar -- must acquire at least the practical knowledge of these positions by trying the effects of its sting.

    Evolution créatrice. English


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