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  • proper n. A taxonomic order within the superorder Peracarida — very many shrimplike crustaceans.

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  • A numerous group of fourteen -- footed Crustacea, inhabiting both fresh and salt water. The body is usually compressed laterally, and the anterior pairs or legs are directed downward and forward, but the posterior legs are usually turned upward and backward. The beach flea is an example. See tetradecapoda and arthrostraca.

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  • In zoology, an order of sessile-eyed (edriophthalmous) crustacean arthropods: sometimes, as by Dana, united with Isopoda in an order Choristopoda.

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  • n. small flat-bodied semiterrestrial crustaceans: whale lice; sand-hoppers; skeleton shrimp


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  • Salt spray limits the inland penetration of a coastally restricted invertebrate: a field experiment using landhoppers Crustacea: Amphipoda: Talitridae Functional Ecology, 15:435-442.

    Salt requirement may not be limiting the ranges of coastal animals

  • Hydrozoa over Corals; Crustacea over Insecta, and Amphipoda and


  • The same may be said of other Amphipoda, such as _Urothoe inostratus_,

    Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 Zoology

  • As another instance of the practical application of the microscopical examination of the surface, I would refer to two species of Amphipoda, classed by Leach under the name of _Gammarus Locusta_, from his inability to assign them any separate specific characters.

    Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society - Vol. 3 Zoology

  • Among Crustacea, there were the shells of Crabs and Lobsters, often bleached quite white high up the beach; Sea or Beach Fleas (Amphipoda); and the cases of the Horse-shoe Crab, or Saucepan Fish (Limulus Polyph; aemus), of which we saw many alive on the Bay side, where they feed pigs on them.

    Cape Cod

  • Cryptogamic vegetation would have the advantage over Phanerogamic; _Hydrozoa_ over Corals; _Crustacea_ over _Insecta_, and _Amphipoda_ and _Isopoda_ over the higher _Crustacea_; Cetaceans and

    Lay Sermons, Addresses and Reviews

  • Amphipoda and Isopoda over the higher Crustacea; Cetaceans and Seals over the Primates; the civilization of the Esquimaux over that of the

    Lectures and Essays

  • _Insecta_, and _Amphipoda_ and _Isopoda_ over the higher

    Darwiniana : Essays — Volume 02

  • Under the latter supposition its isolated occurrence is intelligible, whilst we cannot perceive why the Creator blessed just these few species with an apparatus which he found to be quite compatible with the "general plan of structure" of the Amphipoda, and yet denied it to others which live under the same external conditions, and equal them even in their extraordinary salacity.

    Facts and Arguments for Darwin

  • Amphipoda, -- the primitive form of the heart was inherited unchanged, because any variations which might make their appearance were rather injurious than advantageous, and disappeared again immediately.

    Facts and Arguments for Darwin


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