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  • n. Greek Mythology A Nereid, goddess of the sea and the wife of Poseidon.

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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the subfamily Amphitritinae — spaghetti worms, sea-floor-dwelling polychetes.
  • proper n. The ancient Greek goddess of saltwater. She was a daughter of either Nereus and Doris, (and thus a nereid), or Oceanus and Tethys, (and thus an oceanid). She was also the wife-consort of Poseidon, and the mother of his son, Triton; her offspring also includes seals and dolphins. Her Roman equivalent is Salacia.
  • proper n. 29 Amphitrite, the asteroid.

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  • n. A genus of marine polychætous tubicolous worms, of the family Terebellidæ and order Cephalobranchia.
  • n. A genus of crustaceans.


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From Ancient Greek Ἀμφιτρίτη.


  • The first one is up now, to sit alongside a gorgeous necklace called Amphitrite's Arch.

    Lady of the Lake

  • The Plover is to be communicated with each year by a man-of-war — the Amphitrite is the next.

    The International Monthly Magazine - Volume V - No II

  • "That's the 'Amphitrite' -- fleet supply and maintenance.

    A Question of Courage

  • "Morale seems a little better, doesn't it, Marsden?" he said to me as the "Amphitrite" flicked out into threespace and we followed.

    A Question of Courage

  • "Amphitrite" hung off our port bow, a tiny silver dot in the distance, and as I watched two more silver dots winked into being beside her.

    A Question of Courage

  • We raised the "Amphitrite," identified ourselves, and put in a request for supply.

    A Question of Courage

  • We flicked into threespace just in time to see a volcano of fire erupt from "Amphitrite's" side and the metallic flick of the Rebel scout slipping back into Cth. "What's your situation, 'Amphitrite'?" our signal asked.

    A Question of Courage

  • "Amphitrite" could set up a mine screen that would take care of any long range stuff, -- and we could dodge it.

    A Question of Courage

  • The first official relations were formed between France and China when the missionaries brought thither by the "Amphitrite", the first French vessel seen in Chinese waters (1699), presented gifts from Louis XIV to Emperor K'ang-hi.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • One of the important events was the adding to the commissioned fleet of the coast-defence monitor "Amphitrite," whose keel was laid in 1874.

    The Naval History of the United States Volume 2 (of 2)


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