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  • Walküre; in the second place, Tristan was here, in the tragic country filled with the flowers of a late Cornish summer, an everlasting reality; in the third place, it was a sea of marvellous, portentous sunsets, of sweet morning baths, of pools blossomed with life, of terrible suave swishing of foam which suggested the Anadyomene.

    The Trespasser

  • The Anadyomene, originally painted for the temple of Æsculapius, at Cos, was transferred by Augustus to the temple of D. Julius, at Rome, where, however, it was in a decayed state even at the time of Nero.

    Museum of Antiquity A Description of Ancient Life

  • The most prominent characteristic of his style was grace (charis), a quality which he himself avowed as peculiarly his, and which serves to unite all the other gifts and faculties which the painter requires; perhaps in none of his pictures was it exhibited in such perfection as in his famous Anadyomene, in which Aphrodite is represented rising out of the sea, and wringing the wet out of her hair.

    Museum of Antiquity A Description of Ancient Life

  • = Ovid is speaking of the famous Aphrodite Anadyomene painted by Apelles (fourth century BC) in Cos; hence the epithet _Coi_ later in the line -- Apelles was in fact from Colophon.

    The Last Poems of Ovid

  • It is as though on the rising, falling, rising, sinking tides of the poem, on the waves of the glamorous feminine voices, on the aphrodisiac swell of the sea, the white Anadyomene herself, with her galaxy of tritons and naiads, approached earth's shores once more.

    Musical Portraits Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers

  • Philommedis, Telessigamma, Anadyomene, and a thousand others to whom men have bowed and built temples, a thousand and the same, and yet it seemed to Benham there was still one wanting.

    The Research Magnificent

  • Anadyomene, carried to Rome by Augustus, and the portrait of Alexander with the Thunder-bolt.

    A Text-Book of the History of Painting

  • Anadyomene, rising from the foam of soft creplisse which swept back beneath the long train of pale, tender, pink silk, fainting into breadths of delicate primrose, relieved here and there by facings of

    Democracy, an American novel

  • Phoenician ships, the tutelary image of Aphrodite Euploea, the protectress of sailors, comes to Cyprus -- to Cythera; it is in this simplest sense that she is, primarily, Anadyomene.

    Greek Studies: a Series of Essays

  • Anadyomene, a participial form derived from the verb anadyô, "to rise, esp. from the sea," (Liddell-Scott) may be rendered "she who emerges from the sea."

    Greek Studies: a Series of Essays


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