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  • I would also recommend his book 'The Ancestor's Tale' - I loved it.

    The E-word

  • Obviously you haven't even read The Ancestor's Tale.


  • The Ancestor's Tale, written and read by Richard Dawkins with Lalla Ward (9hrs abridged, Orion, £19.99)

    Philip Pullman, Mark's Gospel, Sum: Tales from the Afterlives and Richard Dawkins's Ancestor's Tale

  • I know very little about contemporary Indian art and have never heard of Ashok Bhowmik but I just love the "Ancestor's Face" painting below, so I thought I better share it.

    July 2008

  • This reminded me of an excerpt from The Ancestor's Tale, in which Dawkins describes an experiment suggesting that baby chicks have a built-in preference for lighting from above.

    Portrait Lighting: Underlighting

  • Their music evokes place, and even though you can't quite pinpoint where you are, you can see the mountains, the desert, the dancers, and on track five "The Flowers (that I Placed at my Ancestor's Grave [that] Spontaneously Burst into Flame with Their Appreciation)."

    Modiba: Tribecastan In Manhattan Unleashes Uzbek Lutes, Pakistani Taxi Horns, And Six Foot Shepherd's Pipes

  • No Haitian who calls herself a Haitian will ever allow the Ancestor's Legacy to be so maligned.

    Electoral Sham in Haiti

  • So as you can see, Dawkins wanted to write The God Delusion and had to settle for the The Ancestor's Tale as a second choice.

    2006 September - Telic Thoughts

  • What's more, it sure looks like the The Ancestor's Tale was intended as something that would attack religion obliquely, where Dawkins would do his best to play up the "grandeur of science" in the naïve hope that "religion will die a natural death by ignominious comparison."

    2006 September - Telic Thoughts

  • He wrote about it at length in The Ancestor's Tale, four years ago: Nevertheless, to be fair, it is possible to imagine validly using some version of the argument from design, or the argument from irreducible complexity.

    Scientists' Responses Solicited


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