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  • A region of southern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Atlantic Ocean. The area contains magnificent Moorish architecture, including the historic towns of Seville, Granada, and Córdoba.

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  • proper n. The most populated and second largest of the seventeen autonomous communities that constitute Spain, whose capital is Seville.

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  • n. a region in southern Spain on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean; formerly a center of Moorish civilization


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From the Arabic name for Iberia, الأندلس (al-andalus).


  • In the 10th century, in Andalusia, Al-Zahrawi devised the forceps, speculum and bonesaw, pioneered inhalant anaesthetics in the form of sponges soaked with cannabis and opium, and even described the first syringe.

    Pathfinders: The Golden Age of Arabic Science by Jim al-Khalili – review

  • That was the very spirit that existed in Andalusia for centuries under wise Islamic rule where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived, worked and created side by side in peace and harmony.

    Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi: A Monument of Tolerance in the Heart of Dubai

  • Now this city was in Andalusia; and that very year Tárik ibn Ziyád conquered it, during the Caliphate of Al – Walíd son of Abd al-Malik141 of the sons of Umayyah; and slew this

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • I lived in Andalusia and heard the "eating" of the "s" among the locals, but the announcers at Sevillan TV station seemed to me to speak Castillan.

    Differences in prononciation of certain consonants...

  • Most of the 300 or so people gathered in Andalusia were practically Rockwellian in appearance — tanned, scrubbed, and glowing with health, a sea of golf shirts and pastel tops, nearly every adult surrounded by clambering children.

    Roy and His Rock

  • One circuit-court judge in Andalusia has gone so far as to embroider the Ten Commandments onto his judicial robe.

    Roy and His Rock

  • It was the famous "Andalusia" -- the most difficult and intricate of all Spanish-Moorish dances; the one in which few dancers have ever excelled for the reason that its beauty lies not so much in its intricacy of form as in the poetic conception and free interpretation of the artist.

    When Dreams Come True

  • In the Spanish region of Andalusia, which is one of Europe's biggest exporters of fresh produce, Hortyfruta represents 20,000 farmers who have come together to rapidly adopt "clean farming" methods, which introduce indigenous insects to an area to combat insect plagues that damage crops instead of using pesticides.

    Europe’s Farmers

  • The territory now called Andalusia still preserves the memory of these barbarians.

    Early European History

  • Bœtica, his residence, was that province now called Andalusia, and the river Bœtis, now Guadalquiver, gave that name to it.

    Roman Antiquities, and Ancient Mythology For Classical Schools (2nd ed)


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