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  • n. Plural form of Andean.


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  • Like the Spanish Basques who preceded them as shepherds, the Andeans are considered hard working, stoic and resourceful.

    Today's shepherds are alone on the range at Christmas

  • A substantial report by the newspaper detailed the existence of a police unit that stops people of color - Africans and Andeans - in the Madrid streets and metro, asks for their papers, and if they don't have them, arrests them.

    Crossover Dreams: The economic rain in Spain falls heavily on immigrants

  • Imagine Turks and Andeans trying to keep Yankee farmers from growing their truly deadly tobacco!

    It's Time To Open The Doors Of Our Prisons

  • Andeans are getting visibly tired of loud mouthed Chavez.

    The Venezuelan 2006 election: the results scrutiny

  • But we can also add the Tachira group of Iris Varela or Luis Tascon as Andeans sometimes feel more Colombian than Venezuelan or are treated unfairly as such in some circles.

    12/03/2006 - 12/10/2006

  • An acceleration of the ties between Mercosur and the Andeans; an acceleration between Canada and Chile; between Chile and certain of the Central Americans; or between Chile and Mexico; Mexico and Mercosur; the EU and Mercosur; Asia and Mexico.

    Press Briefing On Santiago Summit

  • Leftist dictator Gen. Juan Velasco expropriated large tracts from rich landholders in the late 1960s but his land redistribution benefited not blacks but Andeans.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Sanabria's arrest is sure to damage efforts by Morales, the longtime president of Bolivia's coca growers' union, to promote traditional uses of coca leaf, a mild stimulant that Andeans have chewed for centuries to stave off hunger and counter altitude sickness.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • In addition to calling for having native Andeans run the government, the party platform argues for putting people convicted of corruption before firing squads. rss feed

  • Especially evident in this hall is the exceeding importance of textile art among the ancient Andeans; this artistic tradition, which conveyed status and identity, harks back at least 5,000 years.'s Exclusive New York City Event Calendar : Art


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