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  • n. Greek Mythology The daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia and wife of Perseus, who had rescued her from a sea monster.
  • n. A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere between Lacerta and Perseus and south of Cassiopeia. It contains a large spiral galaxy visible to the naked eye. The spiral is 2.2 million light-years from Earth.

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  • proper n. Pieris
  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Ericaceae — bog rosemary.
  • proper n. The daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of Eritrea, rescued from her sacrifice to a sea monster by Perseus who married her; mother of Perses, ancient king of Persia.
  • proper n. An autumn constellation of the northern sky representing the "Chained Lady" Andromeda from Greek myth. The constellation lies between Pisces and Cassiopeia.
  • proper n. Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way; M31.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin, from Greek Andromedē.

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From the Ancient Greek Άνδρομέδη (Andromedē, "mindful of her husband").


  • The smoke arose from a smouldering fire of the leaves and branches of the Andromeda (_Andromeda tetrigona_), the heather of Greenland, -- a trailing plant with a pretty purple blossom, which grows in sheltered places in great abundance.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 117, July, 1867.

  • Andromeda; and the great Linnæus, who gave the name, thus describes his thought in giving it: "_Andromeda polifolia_ was now in its highest beauty, decorating the marshy grounds in a most agreeable manner.

    Days Off And Other Digressions

  • The Great Design then calls for one of these Hives to return to intergalactic space and make the crossing to the galaxy that you term Andromeda.

    Objective: Bajor

  • At one point, she was romantically linked and then we decided no, because it has to be that Andromeda is the romantic lead, even though there is a tension between them, which we never really delve into, but there always is something like an inexplicable feeling that they have.

    Gemma Arterton On Set Interview CLASH OF THE TITANS –

  • My story “Once a Month on a Sunday” (which originally appeared in Andromeda Spaceways in 2009, and jointly won the 2009 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story) has been accepted for the anthology Award Winning Australian Writing 2010 from Melbourne Books.

    2010 June « Ian McHugh

  • Westworld [Michael Crichton had usually a single appearance, in Andromeda Strain.]

    Night of a Thousand Geeks

  • Here are a few words about Andromeda from the designer: Emerging from the concept of Netification; the reduction of physical mass through selective perforation across a pre defined form; the concept floats more as a diatomic sea creature in the free ocean of space.

    Lamp in a Bulb

  • The character originally had a love interest in Andromeda — the character he loves in the original film — which added thematic heft to the story.

    Clash of the Titans Might Have Been a Good, or at Least Better Movie | /Film

  • Andromeda is definitely headstrong and rebellious,” says Davalos.

    41 High Resolution Photos from Clash of the Titans | /Film

  • Plus there was his rescue of Andromeda from the rock where she was chained, waiting for the dragon to come and eat her, and the fact he had to accomplish tasks.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Once upon a time…(and win a free book!)


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