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  • Some of those tribes, grouped together in the Indian Census under the denominational rubric of "Animists" and numbering about 8-1/2 millions, have survived to the present day in remote hills and jungles without being absorbed into the Hindu social system, and have preserved their primitive beliefs, in which fetish worship, and magic are the dominant elements.

    Indian Unrest

  • The Christians and the Animists seem to get along fine without conflict, so religion itself doesn't appear to be the be all and end all of problems.

    Southern Sudan holds separation vote after thousands make long journey to freedom

  • We are a nation of Budhists and Animists, Scientologists and Shintoists, Zoroastrians and Wiccans, Shintoists and those that believe that the Twilight books were the literal truth.

    Matthew Yglesias » Zionist Organization of America Slams Obama Muslims Mention

  • While many right wing critics have panned the film as flawed for its sacrilegious message as the triumph of Animists and Druids over Christian Soldiers, Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist, declaims Avatar as a plot to install world government via the "phoney" environmental crisis.

    Michael Carmichael: Avatar Pulls the Political Trigger

  • The Copts of Egypt, the Assyro-Chaldeans of Iraq, the Christians of Lebanon, the Animists and Christian Africans in southern Sudan, and the Biafrans were denied any hope of self-determination.

    The Coming Revolution

  • Animists, but respectful, they do, closing their eyes and clutching the balloons so they don't fly away.

    Danna Harman: Searching for Cannibals

  • While Christians and Animists become more dominate moving north, the Fulbé imprint on the entire northern culture is undeniable.

    The North, Part I - Adamaoua

  • Now the town is mostly made up of Animists, like its founder, with a minority of Muslims and a few Christians here and there.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • To cite one example: no current Christian effort rivals the horror of the genocidal Jihad being waged against African Animists and Christians in the Sudan, with the FULL support of the Arab Muslim states.

    More Torture Thoughts

  • Animists seek an explanation for the transformation happening through development work and rather than crediting their belief system, realize that something different is at work.

    Walking with the Poor: a review


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