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  • proper n. A female given name


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Originally a mishearing or misreading of Latin Amabilis "lovable" (=Mabel), used since the twelfth century and by folk etymology interpreted as Anna+ belle "beautiful Anna".


  • - The ED [ "My heaven" by Annabel] is a ballad, sounded alright.

    Anime Preview: Summer 2009 First Impressions – Batch 1 « Undercover

  • As Annabel is British, the restaurant naturally has an assortment of fine loose leaf teas to choose from.

    NJ Dining: Picnic, The Restaurant

  • Not only has she (to quote Mr Cochrane) "led her erstwhile allies in Annabel Goldie and Nicol Stephen up the garden path" by changing her mind on a referendum, she has also - quite possibly - walked into one of Salmond's traps.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The Plot: Annabel is about to start her junior year.

    Just Listen

  • Humbert's first, lost girlfriend, Annabel, is perhaps not unrelated to Byron's first wife, Anne Isabella, who was known as "Annabella," and she has parents named Leigh, just like Byron's ravished half-sister Augusta.

    Hurricane Lolita

  • And whilst we are on the subject of rape, please send a prayer or a wish for one of this blog's readers, whom I will call Annabel, not her real name who contacted me this week to tell me about the rape trial she is in the middle of, where the verdict is expected soon.

    Weekend blogging round up...

  • Year One and the reception class at Wildridings Primary learned about where the food they eat comes and got a chance to milk a wooden cow called Annabel which would moo if they pulled its tail.

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  • The women -- they had four women with them -- began that afternoon to weave the mats and baskets they hawked from door to door; and in the forenoon of the following day one of them, the black-haired, soft-voiced quean whom the bailiff had heard called Annabel, set her babe in the sling on her back, tucked a bundle of long cane-loops under her oxter, and trudged down between eight-foot walls of snow to the Abbey Farm.


  • "Annabel," he said abruptly, "you promised me to name the day, this morning."


  • They peeped into the chest of drawers, and found it full of dainty frocks and petticoats, all exquisitely made; there was even a pile of tiny handkerchiefs, marked "Annabel" and "Celia."

    Hildegarde's Neighbors


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