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  • Anyways, the dour mood finally breaks midway through "Annwn," the only song on the album that reaches for a brighter emotive territory that may or may not bear some passing resemblance to hope or contentment or something.

  • It is interesting to hear how great songs like "Annwn" flesh out on record, ornamented by spooky samples, pounding drums and other decorative elements.

  • “No peaceful sleep, Domnuathi, but a wakeful eternity in the deepest pits of Annwn.”

    Earl of Durkness

  • She followed the success of this book with retellings of the other three branches in The Song of Rhiannon, The Children of Llyr and Prince of Annwn.

    Celtic Fantasy

  • His twin sister is the goddess of light, beauty and inspiration, Annwn.

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  • Preiddeu Annwnf The Spoils of Annwn describes how King Arthur and three boatloads of warriors sail to the Welsh Otherworld to steal a magical "cauldron of inspiration".

    Scotland's Whirling Goddess or the Holy Grail?

  • The names Pwyll, Arawn and Annwn might look similarly goofy, but they're all important names from the first book of the Mabinogion.

    What's In a Name?

  • This is one of the gifts that she left us, with her old band, Annwn.

    The Parting Glass - Danya Ruttenberg

  • What you see before you is no ordinary cookpot, but one of the Spoils of Annwn, wrested by Arthur himself from the Otherworld, and later brought to these shores by Saint Brendan the Navigator.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • _Annwn_, or _Annwfn_ is defined in Canon Silvan Evans's Dictionary as an abyss, Hades, etc.

    Welsh Folk-Lore a Collection of the Folk-Tales and Legends of North Wales


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