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  • Combining, e.g., the smallest content with the smallest extension of a non-empty idea results in a new type of idea, viz. in an “intuition in itself” or, as we may say for the sake of brevity, an intuition (Anschauung).

    Slices of Matisse

  • “We make ourselves worthy of intellectual participation in the works of nature through the perception Anschauung of ever-creative nature.”

    The Idea of Design in Nature: Science or Phenomenology? By Jakob Wolf

  • Kant uses the term ˜impression™ (Eindrucke) rarely; it seems to be in the same camp as ˜appearance™ (Erscheinung) and ˜intuition™ (Anschauung).

    Kant's View of the Mind and Consciousness of Self

  • Kant writes about [d] ie Form der Anschauung, welche, da sie nichts vorstellt, außer so fern etwas im Gemüte gesetzt wird, nichts anders sein kann, als die Art, wie das

    Notes on 'Essay Title'

  • Anschauung [,] und dann zweitens die bloße Regel der Reflexion über jene Anschauung auf einen ganz andern Gegenstand, von dem der erstere nur das

    Seeing Is Reading

  • Hypotyposen [,] und Ausdrücke fürBegriffe nicht vermittelst einer directen Anschauung, sondern nur nach einer Analogie mit derselben, d.i. der

    Seeing Is Reading

  • (Anschauung), yet so hard-wired into the human subject as to allow for a certain possibility of shared experience and knowledge, at least at the level of phenomena, that is, short of knowing things in themselves.

    Subjecticity (On Kant and the Texture of Romanticism)

  • Immediate and mediate evidence have their source and foundation in intuition (Anschauung): immediate evidence immediately, mediate evidence mediately (L I: 82-3).

    Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt

  • Anschauung, is a prime source of that romanticist irony which characterized the literature of die Romantik, an awareness of the inevitable disparity between aspira - tion and realization.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • The images are more unified, more sublime; there is less visual im - agination (Anschauung) but much more mood (Stim - mung).



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