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  • n. An idiom characteristic of the Arabic language.

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  • n. An Arabic idiom peculiarly of language.

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  • n. An idiom or a peculiarity of the Arabic language.


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From Arab +‎ -ism.


  • The trouble with Pan-Arabism is that the countries that tried to make a go of it were never good fits.

    Matthew Yglesias » By Request: An Egyptian Gaza?

  • "Pan-Arabism" is one reason why the region's a sewer.

    May 2004

  • Pan-Arabism translates into endorsement of murderous policies toward Muslim but non-Arab groups and accounts for Arab support for Saddam Hussein as he slaughtered

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • Hezbullah, an Islamist group, has long been using the mixed language of Islam and Arabism, which is why some came up with a term: "Pan-Arabist Islam/ism" or "Arabo-centric Islam."

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • ... myth of Arabism, which is primarily concerened with community of race, it can be said perhaps of spiritual race ... (p. 148) But by the very fact that "spiritual racism" is so intimate a part of the motive force of Arabism in its extreme form, they do not find it easy to give Christian minorities their unreserved confidence.

    Latest Articles

  • The central Sudanese government's imposition of "Arabism" and "Islamism" sharia law on the South Sudanese and rampant discrimination against them are said to be a sustaining cause of the civil war.

    Alemayehu G. Mariam: Referendum for Sudan, Requiem for Africa

  • My only comment would be that I think that the Arab world needs more pluralism and openness to 'the other' -- as postmodernists like to say -- rather than an emphasis upon an essentialist 'Arabism' that would tend, by its emphasis upon Arab identity, to delegitimate non-Arabs living in majority-Arab countries.

    Contagion of freedom? Or appeal of submission?

  • [88] Activists articulate their grievances with Khartoum as a rejection of both the Islamist interpretation of Islam - the position of the current government - and the racist ideology of 'Arabism' aligned with Islam.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • A struggle in the name of Arab identity, aimed at demonstrating that "Arabism" can find a worthy solution for all its peoples, enhances the good name of the Arab family but not of the Palestinian one.

    Daily News Alert from Israel - COP/JCPA

  • It seems that time is running out for President Bashar Assad, and with it also the self-denial about what really is happening in the country that has always prided itself as the Heart of Arabism.

    Dr. Josef Olmert: Reporting Syria: 1984 and Tass All Over Again


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