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  • proper n. A taxonomic order within the class Arachnida — the spiders.


Araneus +‎ -ae (Wiktionary)


  • Villareal, S. 2001 Diet-dependent survival, development and fecundity of the spider Atypena formosana (Oi) (Araneae: Linyphiidae) - Implications for biological control in rice.

    Contributor: Lene Sigsgaard

  • Invertebrate stocks that colonized Ascension underwent a variety of evolutionary changes including phyletic evolution leading to endemic status, adaptation to subterranean life (Araneae, Pseudoscorpiones, Collembola, and Psocoptera), character release (phorid Diptera), and probably splitting of lineages (speciation) within the island (Isopoda, Collembola, and gryllid Orthoptera).

    Ascension scrub and grasslands

  • The linyphiid fauna of eastern Africa (Araneae: Linyphiidae) — distribution patterns, diversity and endemism.

    Eastern Arc forests

  • Niche expansion in the spider Wendilgarda galapagensis (Araneae, Theridiosomatidae) on Cocos Island.

    Cocos Island moist forests

  • The oldest haplogyne spider (Araneae: Plectreuridae), from the Middle Jurassic of China

    Blah, Blah! Technology

  • Additional data life cycle Loxosceles laeta (Nicolet) (Araneae)


  • “Web, Reproduction and Commensals of the Semisocial Spider Cyrtophora moluccensis Araneae: Araneidae on Guam, Mariana Islands.”

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Araneae, '&: Cryftallini videtur potius intra ipfum colloeandum, faltem ad ipfius eonfi - niuni.

    Optica philosophia experimentis et ratione a fundamentis constituta, Nicolai ...

  • Aqueus Humor nulHt propria* Tunica. inuoluitur 5 quia neque Araneae, neque fuperiori Comeae denliori, licetim - me diatus, ordinarie nocere poteft, neque Vnea* confiinili - ter, aut Proceffibus Ciliaribus, quorum interfeptum. yalidius.

    Optica philosophia experimentis et ratione a fundamentis constituta, Nicolai ...

  • A golden orb-weaver spider Araneae: Nephilidae: Nephila Lisa Grossman Contributor:

    Wired Top Stories


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