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  • Calormen is a thinly disguised Middle East, with C. S. Lewis also adding Archenland to the geography beyond Narnia.

    Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy.

  • King Frank and Queen Helen and their children lived happily in Narnia and their second son became King of Archenland.

    The Magician's Nephew

  • Would have been a cause almost of war between Archenland and Narnia which are friends time out of mind.

    The Horse and His Boy

  • If the Prince succeeds, we have Archenland, and perhaps hereafter Narnia.

    The Horse and His Boy

  • Straight ahead the mountain range sank to a wooded saddle which of course must be the pass from Archenland into Narnia.

    The Horse and His Boy

  • And all this day he had hardly left his pool, even to eat or drink, for he knew that great events were on foot in Archenland.

    The Horse and His Boy

  • And after King Lune's death they made a good King and Queen of Archenland and Ram the Great, the most famous of all the kings of Archenland, was their son.

    The Horse and His Boy

  • "Brothers 'names run like that in Archenland," said Shasta (or Prince Cor as we must now call him).

    The Horse and His Boy

  • The grimaces didn't look at all alarming in Archenland; indeed Lucy only thought Rabadash was going to be sick.

    The Horse and His Boy

  • While Shasta was eating, the good little Faun, who thought he was still dazed with sunstroke, kept talking to him about the fine times he would have when they all got home; about his good old father King Lune of Archenland and the little castle where he lived on the southern slopes of the pass.

    The Horse and His Boy


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