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  • On the Origin of Species By Charles Darwin 1859 Last week saw ARDI: 4.4 million years old > > Ardi, the fossilized skeletal remains - Articles related to Did we have sex with Neanderthals?

  • An artist's impression of "Ardi" - Ardipithecus ramidus Photo: PA

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  • "Ardi" - as the fossil has become known - is clearly a human ancestor and her descendants did not grow up to be chimpanzees or other apes, the researchers report in the journal Science.

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  • At 4.4 million years old, Ardipithecus ramidus -- just call her Ardi -- is the new belle of the evolutionary ball. - Articles related to Did we have sex with Neanderthals?

  • The fossil, known as Ardi, topped a list of the 10 greatest scientific advances for the year, which also featured the discovery of water on the moon and the use of ultra-thin carbon atom sheets in experimental electronic devices.

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  • Scientists say a 4. 4-million-year-old fossil called Ardi - short for ardipithecus ramidus - is descended from the "missing link," or the last common ancestor between humans and apes.


  • The evidence to support our relationship to the great apes was only * increased* by the discovery and extensive study of "Ardi".

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • "Ardi" was already, even at 4+ million years ago, a fully upright walker.

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • The discovery of "Ardi" does have huge implications for hominid evolution but it by no means shakes up the entire story indicating that we somehow simply poofed into existence some 4 plus million years ago - or, alternatively, evolved from snakes instead.

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • Once again, "Ardi" fully supports Evolution by showing us yet another example of a transitional organism well on its way to becoming us but still retaining many of the ancestral traits that we have since lost.

    Harlan Ellison on God


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