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  • proper n. In Greek legend, a fabulous horse, the offspring of Poseidon by Demeter (or, in other accounts, Gaea or a harpy) who to escape him had metamorphosed herself into a mare. It was successively owned by Copreus, Oncus, Heracles, and Adrastus. It possessed marvelous powers of speech, and its right feet were those of a man.


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  • The IDF said the ship, which it called the Arion, had been warned while at sea that it would not be allowed to enter Gazan waters "because of security risks in the area and the existing naval blockade."

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  • IDF said the Israeli navy contacted the boat, which it called the Arion, while it was still at sea and warned the crew they would not be allowed to enter Gazan waters "because of security risks in the area and the existing naval blockade."


  • Interestingly, the kidney of Arion is shaped like a donut with the heart sitting in the hole in the middle.

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  • Even the origin of the name Orion is obscure, though some scholars have suggested a connection with the Greek "Arion," meaning warrior.

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  • Regardless, I had missed the Robin/Nightwing and John/Hal shuffles; the debuts of All-Star Squadron, Batman and the Outsiders, Arion, Amethyst, and Infinity, Inc.

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  • It's like reading the Bible, some will take a line out of it such as ALL THINGS ARE WHITE like the Arion Nation and the "KKK" does.

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  • Interestingly, in some other slug genera, for example, Arion, the shell remains as a mass of granules of calcium carbonate, which makes sense as the next stage in an evolutionary sequence.

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  • In Arion the individual pieces apparently remain loose and a one-piece shell never forms.

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  • For example, James Barbut wrote in his 1783 book The genera Vermium exemplified by various specimens of the animals contained in the orders of the Intestina et Mollusca Linnaei that the slug Arion ater "is an [sic] hermaphrodite, both sexes being in each individual, and both in the coitus impregnate, and are impregnated, at the same time."

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  • Compare the photo with this drawing of the pallial cavity of Arion distinctus (from G.M. Barker, Naturalised terrestrial Stylommatophora [of New Zealand], 1999).

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