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  • proper n. The capital city of the Walloon province of Luxembourg, Belgium.


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  • In Belgium, French has become the majority language of Arlon which is traditionally German-speaking.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • I have absolutely no use for the likes of McCain and Arlon Sphincter.

    Sound Politics: McCain Channels Goldwater; Moore Channels.....Kucinich?

  • Relieving three divisions from the line, turning them northward, and moving them over icy roads to the current line of contact, near Arlon, ready to fight a major action in less than seventy-two hours, was an astonishing undertaking.

    General Ike

  • In short, Ike ordered Patton to begin a counterattack northward from Arlon toward the Belgian road junction of Bastogne, which was at that time in the process of being surrounded.

    General Ike

  • In the current operation, had the 4th Armored Divi - sion been equipped with Tiger and Panther tanks and been required to make the move from Sarreguemines to Arlon, then through to Bastogne, from Bastogne to the Rhine, and now to Mainz, it would have been necessary to re-armor it twice; and furthermore, it would have had se - rious if not insurmountable difficulty in crossing rivers.

    Steel Victory

  • The 735th's march orders were for Luxembourg, where a liaison officer from the 26th Infantry Division informed the battalion of its attachment to that unit and sent the tankers on to Arlon, Belgium.

    Steel Victory

  • Three years of military service, in the Second Lancers division at Arlon.

    The 13 Culprits

  • They state that the instrument has given very satisfactory results between Ostende and Arlon, a distance of 314 kilometers (about 200 miles).

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 446, July 19, 1884

  • The traveller who crosses the country to-day from Ostend to Arlon will at once recognize its main features: first a low-lying plain, between the sea and Brussels, then a district of smooth hills, as far as Namur, and finally, beyond the Meuse, the deeply cut valleys and high plateaux of the Ardennes, reaching an average of 1,500 feet above sea-level.

    Belgium From the Roman Invasion to the Present Day

  • Here they detrained, bivouacked uneasily by the railway -- trains and stores were passing along it all night -- and next morning he: marched eastward through a cold, overcast dawn, and a morning, first cloudy and then blazing, over a large spacious country-side interspersed by forest towards Arlon.

    The World Set Free


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