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  • noun Raising of the voice in prosody, accented part of a metrical foot


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From Latin Arsis, from Ancient Greek ἄρσις (Arsis, "elevation")


  • Arsis (amazing band, check 'em out if you haven't heard them www. has teamed up with the metal-oriented Ballet Deviare (www. in NYC.

    zombies must make terrible dancers (Music (For Robots))

  • Last of all, Carbo himself sent down several troops of horse against him by the river Arsis, which

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • Finally, near the river Arsis, [202] Carbo himself attacked Pompeius with several troops of horse, but Pompeius bravely stood the attack, and putting them to flight pursued and drove all of them upon difficult ground where no cavalry could act; and the men, seeing that there was no hope of saving themselves, surrendered with their arms and horses.

    Plutarch's Lives Volume III.

  • Exodus, and Arsis, as well as a tour with Sonata Arctica in the works for April and May.


  • Arch Enemy's headlining run on the 16-city "Tyrants of Evil" tour, alongside Exodus, Arsis, and Mutiny Within, kicked off in Towson, MD on January 20th and wrapped up in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

  • Virginia based metallers Arsis are have announced they will be supporting Arsis on their upcoming "Facemelter Tour" this May/June.


  • Arsis issued the following statement about the tour:


  • If the opening talents of Arsis and Exodus weren't enough.

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

  • The "Tyrants of Evil" tour was a monstrous package that not only included Arch Enemy, but up-and-comers Mutiny Within, technical death metal shredders Arsis and legendary thrashers Exodus.


  • Mutiny Within is a promising band that has a solid live presence, while Arsis continues to astound with their guitar mastery.



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