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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of Aryanize.


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  • In the 1930s, Jewish businesses were "Aryanized" -- forcibly sold to so-called "pure"

    JTA - Recent News

  • The eight-story, 1928 building in the city's Mitte district now occupied by the Soho House was one of the city's first department stories to sell goods on credit to the poorer and mostly Jewish residents who lived nearby, but was later "Aryanized" and expropriated by the Nazis.

    Berlin Broods Over a Glitz Invasion

  • By 1942, local Jewish shops are "Aryanized" and various Friedmann siblings transported to Poland.

  • The Jews 'property was also Aryanized, or transferred to Aryans (gentiles).

    GreenCine Daily: FIFA Dispatch. 2.

  • One plane overshot Berlin and found Posen, in occupied Poland; a bomb fell near the recently Aryanized Anatomical Institute in the university there, breaking windows and killing people.

    Human Smoke

  • Haring kept a low postwar profile (he had run an Aryanized institution), but the art trade tracked him down.

    If This Picture Could Talk

  • The whole Indian peninsula south of the Vindhyas, save for a part of Maharashtra (Nasik and Pratishthana) easily accessible from Malwa and already Aryanized, was occupied by Dravidians: Canarese-speakers on the northwest, Telugu-speakers on the east, and Tamil-speakers in the Carnatic.

    c. South India

  • It will also benefit those whose insurance policies have never been paid and whose property was Aryanized in confiscation.

    Briefing By Deputy Secretary Stuart Eizenstat

  • In certain aspects it is less Aryanized than that of Brâhmana or than the Mahâbhârata; and, above all, it gives some circumstances omitted in these earlier versions, which must yet have belonged to the original foundation, since they appear in the Babylonian legend; a circumstance preserved, no doubt, by the oral tradition -- popular, and not Brahmanic -- with which the Purânas are so deeply imbued.

    Atlantis : the antediluvian world

  • The rise of the Nazis cut short Warburg's political ambitions, and his commercial ones: The family bank in Hamburg was "Aryanized."

    The Seattle Times


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