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  • There arose the evil of "Ascendancy" -- the government of a majority by a minority.

    Home Rule Second Edition

  • By the Twenties the Anglo-Irish gentry ” the 'Ascendancy' as they were called ” rapidly became a remnant.

    The Solace of Intrigue

  • Some are Trickster parables: Lavie Tidhar's "The Solnet Ascendancy" neatly reverses the cargo cult scenario, Silvia Moreno-Garcia's "Seeds" describes the perfect blowback, while Alastair Reynolds '"At Budokan" updates the impresario concept with panache.

    [GUEST REVIEW] Athena Andreadis Reviews Shine: An Anthology of Near-Future Optimistic Science Fiction, edited by Jetse de Vries

  • Touching down on your mobile device with all functionality intact, Ascendancy gives you a giant cube of galaxy to conquer, along with an initially bewildering selection of 21 alien species, each with its own distinct advantages.

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  • Hopefully KAY KENYON returns to the Ascendancy in the following installments and breathes more life into it.

    Kay Kenyon - Bright of the Sky (Book Review)

  • Surely not Breund, a retired merchant, an elder of the Red Throne, a common sentient who never knew the Ascendancy until the change of power came upon them.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • In 1995, Ascendancy was a state-of-the-art PC game; in 2011 you can play it on your iPhone.

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  • Anglo-Irish tensions were further exacerbated by the presence of the “Protestant Ascendancy,” or the “Ascendancy,” who were comprised of the Protestant English landowners who received large swaths of land from the Crown after a series of unsuccessful revolts against English rule caused much Irish land to be confiscated by the Crown.

    Everyday Life in the British Parliament: Home Rule | Edwardian Promenade

  • Like many older games it takes some getting into with only minimal instruction, but once you're acclimatised, Ascendancy proves itself an absorbing game that demands careful attention to strategy.

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  • Though the Ascendancy lost much of its overt political and social clout by the early 19th century, the “abolition of the Irish parliament was followed by economic decline in Ireland, and widespread emigration from among the ruling class to the new center of power in London, which increased the number of absentee landlords.”

    Everyday Life in the British Parliament: Home Rule | Edwardian Promenade


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