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  • adj. of or relating to the Ashkenazi Jews


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  • About 25% of my classmates were Ashkenazic “Modern Orthodox,” and the rest were (like me) Ashkenazic from a variety of non-Orthodox but relatively traditional homes who chose to send their kids to an Orthodox high school for various reasons.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » A Thought on American Jewish Demography

  • "The name Ashkenazic comes from Ashkenaz, a descendant of Noah who settled in a distant northern land. (see Gen 10: 3)."

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  • Sephardic comes from the Hebrew word for Spain and Ashkenazic from the Hebrew for German.


  • I guess I'm just a little confused:) "The name Ashkenazic comes

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  • Another group known as Ashkenazic Jews are most commonly assumed to have arose when Jews migrated from France and other parts of Western Europe to Central Europe after 1000 c.e. Before the Holocaust 3 million Jews lived in Poland alone.

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  • It was a stricter school - in terms of dress, exposure to media, even to some aspects of Haredi culture that they feel is not for them as in Haredi "rock music", choice of careers, etc - and certainly NOT of an "Ashkenazic" school.


  • What follows is typical of the "Ashkenazic" (i.e. European) tradition, and does not include the eight symbolic foods of the "Sephardic" (i.e. Eastern) Seder -

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  • "Ashkenazic" refers to Western and Central European, Yiddish-speaking Jews; "Sephardic" refers to Ladino-speaking Jews of the Iberian Peninsula and the Levant.

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  • The 16th century Ashkenazic authority Rabbi Moses Isserles takes this concept one step further: "Anyone who is exempt from the sukkah and doesn't leave it will not receive a reward for staying in it, and is considered quite average" Shulhan Arukh, Orach Hayyim, 639:7.

    Rabbi Aaron Alexander: Huts Of Joy, Homes Of Shelter

  • They tend to put the Chinese and Ashkenazic Jews on top, and themselves a little below.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Be Careful. Trust No-One. Shut Up.


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