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  • n. Variant of Aton.

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  • n. the sun (or solar disc) which was the deity of a monotheistic cult under the Pharaoh Akhenaten


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  • Mention of the Aten is the cue for a re-creation (mercifully short).

    Valley of the Kings Cliffhanger

  • Apophis, a member of another group of near-Earth asteroids called the Aten group, was estimated to have a

    DailyTech Main News Feed

  • When Amenhotep III dies, he is succeeded by his second son, Amenhotep IV - a bizarre visionary who turns away from Amun and the other gods of the state pantheon and worships instead a single deity known as the Aten, the disk of the sun.

    Signs of the Times

  • Those with orbits mostly interior to Earth's - called Aten asteroids - spend most of their time in the glare of the sun as seen from Earth, so telescopes have trouble spotting them.

    New Scientist - Online News

  • "Aten" means literally the "Disk of the Sun," and though it is difficult to understand at this distance of time in what the difference between the worship of R [= a] and the worship of "R [= a] in his Disk" consisted, we may be certain that there must have been some subtle, theological distinction between them.

    Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life

  • He was complaining in a high, weak voice that on this, the one night of the year when they might meet, the gods, or the magic images of the gods who were put up for them to worship, should not include _his_ god, symbolized by the "Aten," or the sun's disc.

    Smith and the Pharaohs, and other Tales

  • "Aten" is probably the same as "Adon," the root of Adonis and Adonai, and has the signification of "Lord" -- a term implying personality, and when used specially of one Being, implying absolute mastery and lordship, an exclusive right to worship, homage, and devotion.

    Ancient Egypt

  • While Egypt had traditionally been a polytheistic society, she persuaded him to worship the sun disc, Aten, and so he did.

    How the Species Began Again, I

  • While the main historical events are accurate, such as Ay's rise to power, Akhenaten's obsession with Aten, the dream of Amarna, and Nefertiti's unparalleled influence at court, liberties were taken with personalities, names and minor historical events.

    Michelle Moran discusses her first novel, Nefertiti

  • Amarna she is standing off to one side, her arms down while everyone else is enthusiastically embracing Aten.

    Michelle Moran discusses her first novel, Nefertiti


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