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  • adjective Alternative spelling of Atlantan.
  • noun Alternative spelling of Atlantan.
  • adjective Alternative spelling of Atlantean.
  • noun Alternative spelling of Atlantean.


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Atlas +‎ -ian and Atlantis +‎ -ian

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Atlanta +‎ -ian


  • Donnelly popularized the idea that Atlantis was the original source of human civilization, and that later civilizations that appeared in Central America and Egypt were established by Atlantian colonists before their own land drowned.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Indy 4 was okay but not great, the aliens premise wasn't stupid as many seem to claim certainly no more so than Indy's tangles with Christan, Hindu, Atlantian gods & all sorts of other stuff in comics, games etc.

    Shia LaBeouf Talks INDIANA JONES 5 –

  • Check out that Atlantian can tell he's an ATLANTIAN doctor by his spiffy sci-fi stethoscope.

    Adventure Comics #437 - Feb. 1975

  • BONNIE SCHNEIDER, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Now I'm on the Atlantian, Fred where we do get snow occasionally but not like that.

    CNN Transcript Dec 20, 2009

  • Aquaman smashes Sivana's toys, and, handing him over to the authorities, heads home with the fate of another Atlantian exile on his mind.

    Surf and Turf #9

  • The Atlantian told his sad tale to Aquaman via telepathy in the moments before he became a monster.

    Surf and Turf #9

  • Suddenly, Aquaman's incredible mind receives a cry for help...from an Atlantian!

    Surf and Turf #9

  • Aquaman is tracking down the stolen Atlantian tech, afraid of what it might do in the wrong hands.

    Surf and Turf #9

  • They finally escape, and Arthur decides that he HAS to aid the Atlantian, while the Commandos decide they have to rescue their comrade.

    Surf and Turf #9

  • No surprise, they all end up in the facility now housing Sivana, who has aided his new Nazi friend to infect one of his newest acquisitions, a young Atlantian, with lycanthropy, extracted from the captured Werewolf.

    Surf and Turf #9


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