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  • n. Plural form of Aztec.


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  • I was going to call it Aztecs, as it's based on my novella "Aztecs."

    INTERVIEW: Vonda N. McIntyre (Guest-Interview by Sue Lange)

  • The parallel between Catholicism and the Aztec religion that facilitates Madoc's defeat of the Aztecs is unmistakable in the following juxtaposition of scenes.

    The Allure of the Same: Robert Southey's Welsh Indians and the Rhetoric of Good Colonialism

  • More impressively, the duo scored every point for their team - save Sharper's two free throws at the tail end - over the final 7: 37 to rally the Aztecs from a 49-46 deficit. - Scores

  • In Guanajuato, a local specialty called pato al lodo - duck in mud - which was a feast day food for the Aztecs, is still prepared the same way as it was centuries ago.

    Mexican Wild Game - Duck And Quail

  • The Dance of the Conquest, a reenactment of Cortés 'defeat of the Aztecs, is presented by plumed dancers wearing spectacular oversized disc-shaped headdresses.

    A day in Oaxaca = Two thousand years, Part Two: Monte Alban and the Zimatlán Valley.

  • Ned rushed for 59 yards on 19 carries and became just the ninth player in Aztecs 'history to rush for 2,000 career yards.

    NCAA Football - San Diego State vs. Brigham Young

  • Police say the suspect leads a gang known as the Aztecs, which is linked to the Juarez cartel, one of Mexico's most powerful drug-trafficking organisations.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • The first section deals with the Pre-Conquest, "Ten thousand years (more or less) in a few paragraphs," followed by the rise and fall of civilizations like the Olmecs and the Maya until the "meanest sons of bitches around … the people we know as the Aztecs," after years of wandering in the desert arrived in central México and took over … that is until the Spanish arrived in 1519 and took over.

    Mexico Connect Latest Articles

  • We were all sitting around sipping mezcal and (warm) beer one night which is not an unusual event in those parts when we are there, when one of our hosts, somewhat in his cups, remarked with some assertiveness, Well, everybody talks about how tough the Aztecs were and how they whipped our butts before the Spanish came along but let me ask you this.

    No Problem With "Gringo"

  • "All I ever knew about the Aztecs was the Feathered Serpent cult-"

    Burning Water


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