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  • noun Plural form of B-boy.


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  • Then the B-boys and B-girls assembled around the stage in a half-circle took turns strutting their stuff to the rhythmic riffing, spinning, flipping and contorting their bodies into unbelievably elastic poses and leaving the audience agog.

    Gil Asakawa: Why I Love the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

  • B-boys are what the media would later label as “break dancers.”

    Fallin’ Up

  • B-boys would “break” in the playground or street, magnetizing circles of crowds.

    Fallin’ Up

  • At the event I witnessed hundreds of Brazilian B-boys, fierce breakdancing battles, and vast array of afros, braids and bling.

    Afro-Brazilian History, Beats and Culture

  • Funkmaster Flex at the Tunnel in Manhattan, where you found a little bit of everything from B-boys breaking to dudes voguing on the top level.

    A Perfect Fit

  • Frankly, I remember Grand Master Flash, Afrika Bambaata, “B-boys,” Hip-Hop on the corner, battling to stay alive and fighting for the hearts and minds of its fans.

    Raw Law

  • On any given day you can expect to see Emcees (rappers) and B-boys (break dancers) practicing in the loading dock area, photo shoots taking place, videos being shot, artists mingling and sharing thoughts, kids exchanging black books (hard cover sketchbooks) for each other to sign and for veteran artists to autograph along with beautiful aerosol art pieces being done by any number of people in various locations on the building.

    Jeff Squires: 5 Pointz: Legal Graffiti in Queens, NY

  • I remember Kelly Jo Minter being the mysterious masked B-Boy ? called "The Pilot" in an old TV movie that featured a few notable B-boys and B-girls...and then nothing.

    Dart Adams presents Nostalgia by Veidt*

  • (Soundbite of recording) WAS: You might argue that the emergence of the Beastie Boys in the mid-'80s was a parallel invitation to the joys of hip-hop, another in-your-face genre that would win the affections of not only white kids but rappers and B-boys from Paris to Tokyo.

    A Historic Blues Concert, Newly Released

  • MCEDWARDS: Battle of the B-boys, break dancing teams head to the British capital to capture some new bragging rights.

    CNN Transcript Oct 15, 2007


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