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  • Boliviano, the currency used in Bolivia.
  • Battery-operated boyfriend, that is, a vibrator.
  • Back-of-the-book; denoting those stamps in a catalogue that are not used for the payment of regular postage fees, and are displayed separately in the catalogue after that listing; the division between these two groups varies with the publisher.


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Acronym, fortuitously spelling out the male given name Bob in the case of the humorous colloquial definition.


  • _Miss P. _ (_in an earnest undertone to BOB, as they approach, followed by CULCH. and BOB_).

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, December 5, 1891

  • Bob, oh annointed One - will you please be my mentor, personal guru, and Supreme Ruler and Judge of All Things Right and Holy and "NORMAL" "PROPER" and "SACRED" as the Wise One BOB decrees them???

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • Khadr's bullet wounds and shrapnel injuries were so extensive that he was known in Bagram as Buckshot BOB, Corsetti recalled - the acronym BOB applying to all detainees, and standing for Bad Odour Boys. Top Stories

  • This provides the memorable and catchy moniker "BOB" -- and in addition, the fact that it sounds Irish reinforces the comparison with John F. Kennedy.

    Darryle Pollack: The Only Thing Wrong with Barack Obama

  • This seems like either a tampon or what my students call a BOB--Battery Operated Boyfriend.

    Getting a Bad Vibe Here...

  • OK Melbourne burgers I have booked a table for 8 people in name BOB at Hutong Dumpling Bar at 8.00pm on Thursday 8 July they only do 6pm or 8pm bookings so we may need a waterhole to stop at on the way from Dymocks.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » And some touring admin.

  • Disclaimer: The Bank of Bob is not affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks, which used to play at the Bank One Ballpark, also known as The BOB, until they changed their name.

    Robert J. Elisberg: Finally, a Plan I Can Bank On

  • They call BOB a “hybrid,” but I think this refers to the hybridity of vehicle and home.

    PREFAB FRIDAY: Andrew Maynard’s Mobile Home | Inhabitat

  • I'm quite surprised you don't mention Twin Peaks, which exemplifies some of the points you're making: the first series was tigtly plotted to reveal Laura Palmer's dad, aka BOB, as the eventual murderer, so despite massive amounts of internal whimsical twiddly myseriousness by Lynch, the series hung together and was able to mix humour etc etc with an almost unbearable tension at tmes.

    The Television Novel: Thoughts and Musings

  • BRAZORIA - Spring Break is a great opportunity to join the competition of The Battle On the Bernard, known as BOB, a friendly tug of war brought to the public by West of the Brazos communities,

    The Facts: News


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