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  • Broadband Remote Access Server


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  • Drilling from the 2008-2009 campaign has further revised Orex's interpretation of the geology of the Boston-Richardson Anticlinal Structure (the "BRAS"), suggesting the mineralization may be related to sub-vertical shearing within an axial planar east-west corridor some 100m plus wide.

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  • The historic slate belt model interpreted the zones of mineralization to be a "saddle-reef" type confined to quartz veined and fine grained argillites and shales along the Boston-Richardson Anticlinal Structure ( "BRAS").

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  • DSLAMs and BRAS i meant … even the dumb BRASes do billing, dont they? billing records + DSLAM maps + POTS stuff gives you everything and netflow + cisco/juniper tools will give you the rest of the network map … to get fancier logical maps, data mine on netflow stats a la Guavus networks.

    Broadband Stimulus Package Nears Finish Line

  • Martine BRAS, (Netherlands) Gauss Rdz Ormu-Colnago, with 72 points

    FINAL Women’s UCI World Cup rankings, updated August 21, 2010

  • BRAS Í LIA — A top aide to Brazilian President Luiz In á cio Lula da Silva resigned amid an influence-peddling scandal, casting a shadow on his chosen successor just weeks before she is expected to handily win the presidential election.

    Scandals Shadow Brazil Candidate

  • The BRAS does the encapsulation autodetection, handles the PPP to L2TP translation, and passes L2TP to AAISP.

    On PPPoA, PPPoE, ATM and ADSL

  • In 20CN, your DSLAM port is an ATM device - it knows nothing about PPP, IP, Ethernet etc, and just transfers ATM cells to the BRAS, using BT's ATM cloud.

    On PPPoA, PPPoE, ATM and ADSL

  • Your MSAN port does the autodetection, removes the ATM cell framing, adds Ethernet framing if you're doing PPPoA, and sends the resulting PPPoE frame which can be oversized - allowing a full 1500 byte MTU to the BRAS, which then does PPP to L2TP and passing data to AAISP.

    On PPPoA, PPPoE, ATM and ADSL

  • There is never a performance gain on BT ADSL from using PPPoE; in 20CN, it's just one more block of bytes for the BRAS to strip.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • BRAS Í LIA — Brazil ' s central bank rolled out a series of measures to tame rapid credit growth and prevent inflation pressures, joining other large expanding economies such as China that are trying to curb rising prices and fast moving capital inflows.

    Brazil Joins China in Push to Cool Overheating Economy


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