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  • Second Intifada 2000 Jenine 2002 Beit Hanoun 2006 Gaza 2008-2009 Gaza, Gaza, Gaza!! she is imbedded on the frontal lobs of my brain her children scream out for nothing - but to stop the suffering and pain more then 1500 palestinians were killed in the matter of 22 days in ISRAELs name! the majority was our children your children my sisters my brothers remember Radwa when your walking little Stephanie to school on monday morning remember that Radwa was the eldest of 7 children in her home-and on of the days that Israeli Shelling was BOMBING her from sea, air and land Radwa became an orphan - no home, no mama to rest her head on bosom when she cant sleep, and no baba to run up to when he walks threw the front door no more 6-year old Mohammed and 4 - year old Essa to play with no more Aisha to talk till dawn with no more Maisa to fight with no more Rabab to teach her how to sow the traditional palestinian dress no more Saif to listen to music with no more Adnan to teach her how to understand the games of both soccer and football with with with then then then there is the 5 sisters who were killed from air strikes when they were fast asleep inside the mosque because there Baba put them there he promisedhepromisedhepromised they wouldbesafe! - Articles related to Kashmir crisis

  • Thus in Poland the last sheaf is commonly called the Baba, that is, the Old Woman.

    The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion

  • Sathya Sai Baba is still alive, by the way, and his followers claim that he can read minds, predict the future, materialze objects from thin air, heal the ill, and raise the dead, and you can speak to these witnesses directly instead of having to read ancient texts translated from dead languages.

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • Ali Baba is just out of bounds, but well worth the money [Midtown Eating]

    ML Forums: Jerk Chicken Soup; Kibbeh | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan

  • DEL BARCO: A man who calls himself Ali Baba is here for the marijuana harvest season.

    Legalized Pot's Unlikely Supporters: Moms And Cops

  • Baba is definitely the most educated and wealthy member of the clan – I was a bit surprised at how simply the rest of his family lives.

    welcome to 2008...

  • There are many lesser Shrines too, Sultan Shah Baba is very famous, and after the Urus of Haji Malang the Urus of Sultan Shah Baba holds a lot of importance.

    Zanjir Bawa at Haji Malang « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • Late at night on December 30, I was partying on the beach in Zanzibar and Bakari called me with the horrific news: “Baba is dead”.

    40 days

  • Baba is here every night for dinner and I think he stays here – although, when I asked Isaac, he said that Baba does spend nights with his Mama also usually.


  • Do you see the changes in Baba as tragic or positive?

    The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini: Questions


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