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  • noun Plural form of Babbitt.


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  • Since the Civil War, there had been peace-the trifling Spanish War hardly provoked a ripple-the troubles of other people did not trouble them "Babbitts" were the rule and the approved pattern.

    The United States and the League of Nations

  • He calls the Beverly Hills supporters of the Santa Monica alignment "Pinocchios" and "Babbitts," in the same sentence, no less.

    John Mirisch: Middle America and the Westside Subway

  • Yet if he considers Beverly Hills Santa Monica subway supporters to be Pinocchios and Babbitts, Epstein's fanaticism and disregard for facts bring another literary figure to mind.

    John Mirisch: Middle America and the Westside Subway

  • The movie turns broad and slightly smarmy when it portrays the conventioneers as hapless Babbitts, and overstresses Tim's status as a hick or, worse still, a priss.

    'Gnomeo': A Bard's Garden of Delights

  • Unable to look beyond their noses, these Pinocchios can't talk about Constellation and Metro without foaming at the mouth and revealing themselves to be the chronically grumpy and visionless Babbitts that they are.

    Joel Epstein: A Century City Station at Constellation? You Betcha!

  • What remains dubious is the suggestion that it was the prohibition of liquor that led the young, the stylish, or the Babbitts to ingest it so avidly.


  • If McCain or Bush had implemented identical policies, none of these bovine Babbitts would be doing anything but grumbling quietly into their Folgers.

    Michele Bachmann's Stock On The Rise After Her 'Super Bowl Of Freedom'

  • American public education has been hijacked by a bunch of know-nothing modern day Babbitts who, not unlike their namesake and his sycophantic sidekicks that Sinclair Lewis immortalized in the novel by the same name, have a scheming self-serving treachery and a blind, incessant faith in their own parochial and dumbed-down materialism that is as intellectually stimulating as a hanky full of ether.

    East Meets West Going In Opposite Directions

  • They can have nice homes, cars, clothes and vacations — as long as all those consumption items are ones that the Babbitts wouldn't buy, wouldn't like, and whose appeal they'd find mystifying.

    The Roots of Liberal Condescension

  • And I have much patience with ironic protagonists, the Yossarians and Babbitts and Humbert Humberts, who are never represented as heroic in any way, and whose authors are well content to portray them as the schnooks, schnorrers, and schlemiels that they are.

    Death carries a camcorder


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