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  • Everybody is either Buddhist or 'Bahai' -- if that's the right way to spell it.

    Delia Blanchflower

  • Bahais had already begun educating their youth, founding what became known as the Bahai Institute for Higher Education in 1987.

    Iran's Outcast Religion

  • EL-KHASHAB: Well, I mean, the phrase "adversarial journalism" comes from a very prominent blogger in Egypt called Bahai (ph) and this blogger described the press as adversarial in the sense that they have become incredibly politicized.

    CNN Transcript Oct 12, 2007

  • The ordinary name Bahai comes from the divine name Baha, 'Glory (of God),' so that Abdu'l Baha means 'Servant of the Glory (of God).'

    The Reconciliation of Races and Religions

  • And here is the reaction of blogger "Majma Divanegan" (Assembly of the Madmen or Lunatics) who writes that while Tehran seem to be outraged by the plans to burn the Koran, the rights of religious minorities namely the Bahai's are being violated in the Islamic Republic on a daily basis:

    Spero News

  • As a member of the Bahai faith, I would have been barred from teaching freely—and I might even have been imprisoned, as seven Bahai educators now are.

    Iran's Outcast Religion

  • AFP/Getty Images Members of the Bahai religion demonstrate in Rio de Janeiro in June for the release of seven Bahai prisoners.

    Iran's Outcast Religion

  • The institute avoided teaching about the Bahai faith or other religions, thus avoiding the possible accusation of proselytizing.

    Iran's Outcast Religion

  • In Tehran and beyond, Bahai professors—unemployable elsewhere because of their membership in what the mullahs called "the deviant sect"—taught languages, biological sciences, civil engineering, literature and even music.

    Iran's Outcast Religion

  • Since the Islamic Revolution, more than 200 Bahai leaders have been put to death.

    Iran's Outcast Religion


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