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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of Balkanise.


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  • There could, he said, be "Balkanised" regimes and the destruction of global benchmarks.

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  • London is too big, and has Balkanised, Tribalized like Afghanistan, Acid and Water can be mixed but in very small doses, London is still a collection of small villages or stans or ghettoes or collection of disconnected groups linked by subways [tunnels] and trails to market, and has been so ever since Harry lost it to Willy, the only unifying force be trade and generation of wealth of London.

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  • How is the level of ethnic violence in Sudan reaching such a frenzy that it requires the country to be Balkanised, "an African triumph"?

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  • Those figures are written up by the business desk, and in the Balkanised world of British journalism the business pages are a different planet.

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  • New Labour's imposition of immigration on a massive scale along with "multi-culturalism" has led to large parts of Britain being Balkanised.

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  • "We cannot allow our country be Balkanised again."

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  • "Britain is descending into Balkanised tribalism."

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  • After World War I the empire was dismembered in the name of national self-determinism, and so the Balkans were Balkanised, laying the foundations for further conflagrations up to the present day.

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  • The fact that the polls are all over the place suggests to me, not that the partys are close, but that the electorate have become Balkanised and it's difficult, on a sample of a couple of thousand, to judge trends or the opinion of the electorate as a whole.

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  • Jewish settlement expansion within the eastern part of the city will reach a critical mass that will create a Balkanised stalemate, geographically and demographically, that would make the two - state solution impossible.

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