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  • n. Plural form of Balt.


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  • This holds good for what we call the Balts who are people from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and also for many Ukranians outside of Ukraine today.

    Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Truman

  • Those not affected by the invasions of the Goths and Huns constituted another branch of Indo-European people, namely the Balts (Lithuanians, Latvians, and the early Prussians).

    4. Eastern Europe, 1000-1300

  • Hence Herder's con - demnation of the Romans for crushing native civiliza - tions, or of the Church (despite the fact that he was himself a Lutheran clergyman) for forcibly baptizing the Balts and so forcing them into a Christian mold alien to their natural traditions, or of British mission - aries for doing this to the Indians and other inhabit - ants of Asia whose exquisite native cultures were being ruthlessly destroyed by the imposition of alien social systems, religions, forms of education that were not theirs and could only warp their natural development.


  • No, Dr. T., not only "Balts" but respectable Russian historians mention the fact that Lithuania was often referred to as part of Livonia in the eighteenth century.

    Cranberry Jello

  • Politburo member Vitaly Vorotnikov warned that economic sanctions against the Balts could backfire.

    The Return

  • And, as the crisis deepened and prospects of a serious Union-wide economic reform dwindled, the attraction for the Balts of independently racing to join the European market grew ever stronger.

    The Return

  • What if in 1987 or 1988 he had begun negotiating with the Balts and other republics on a new constitution for a decentralized federation?

    The Return

  • By this point Yeltsin had flown to Tallin to express solidarity with the Balts, and militia commandos had spread the violence to Latvia, attacking a government building in the capital, Riga.

    The Return

  • The million Balts who stretched in a human chain from Vilnius to Tallinn via Riga that summer were just the northernmost outgrowth.

    The Return

  • Then, as Gorbachev labored to put together a more democratic federal system, the Russian leaders undercut him at every turn, whipping up fears about an “imperialist” center, attacking his authority, exerting “every effort to incite the Balts to secede.”

    The Return


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