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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Iain Banks (1954-) or his writings, most notably a utopian style of science fiction.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to Joseph Banks, English botanist and naturalist


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Banks +‎ -ian


  • Later Culture books while quite good, are not as awesome as those first three and the last one Matter which started extremely promising, kind of sputters a bit in the last third though it has a great "Banksian" ending and it offers some glimpses of the awesomeness it could have been when the most interesting character of the novel who sadly appears in only one chapter, discusses the title topic "matter" with one of the three main POV characters.

    Iain M. Banks Returns to the Culture Universe in October 2010!

  • While I had very high expectations for the series debut, only to be partially fulfilled after an intriguing beginning followed by an almost fatal descent in costume-aliens pulp, my expectations were tempered for this one; still the novel managed to under-perform them with occasional snippets of brilliance with Banksian overtones and a lively engaging style, but with a very 50's like content which is far from the modern space opera standards

    Liviu's Anticipated Novels of 2010 - collated post to be referred to and updated frequently as books come

  • It's all good escapist fun, with AIs with a certain Banksian outlook on the world, and some of the nastiest monsters human and otherwise that you'll come across.

    The Backlog Reviews: Number Three - The Skinner

  • The stroll soon resolved itself into a tranquil session on a bench overhung with laurel and Banksian roses, from which they caught a dazzle of blue sea between marble balusters, and the fiery shafts of cactus-blossoms shooting meteor-like from the rock.

    The House of Mirth

  • Nodding their heavy plumes and parting their leafy tresses in the breeze, they are the charm of every spot where they grow; whether as here, alternating in beautiful relief by the lofty wall of the aqueduct, commingling their snowy bunches amidst thousands of red and white Banksian roses; or else standing sentinel with a weeping willow over some garden fountain.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 62, Number 385. November, 1847.

  • It was he who blazed out the northern limit of Banksian pine, and his name was in Government reports down in black and white -- so that Marie and all the world could read.

    Back to God's Country and Other Stories

  • It led across the narrow plain and into a dense tangle of swamp, where the huskies had picked their way in aimless wandering until they came out in thick balsam and Banksian pine.

    The Honor of the Big Snows

  • He told Nepeese of his daughters at home, of their mother, whom he worshiped more than anything else on earth -- and before he went on in his quest of the last timber line of Banksian pine, he took pictures of the Willow as he had first seen her on her birthday: her hair piled in glossy coils, her red dress, the high-heeled shoes.

    Baree, Son of Kazan

  • They resumed their walk and mounted the pathway over which -- from the first angle of the outbuildings to the garden-gate -- Banksian roses hung from the wall in heavy honey-coloured clusters of bloom.

    Hocken and Hunken

  • These were scentless and already past their prime; but by the gate at the south-east end of the house the white Banksian, throwing far wider shoots, saluted them with a scent as of violets belated.

    Hocken and Hunken


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