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  • proper noun A province in Turkey.
  • proper noun The capital city of Batman Province, Turkey.
  • proper noun A fictional hero of DC Comics whose name is Bruce Wayne and who uses a bat-themed costume and equipment and regularly has the assistance of his sidekick Robin.


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Originally the Bat-Man.


  • He the kind of guy that thinks outside the box and uses tactics involving puzzles or riddles that are originally suppose to “trap” batman maybe could turn into a pride battle of the mind between Batman and him.

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  • If anyone has AWESOME BATMAN THINGS they'd like to see on The Daily Batman, please feel free to MeFiMail me!

    How Now Brownpau

  • HOT TOYS MOVIE MASTERPIECE 1 / 6 SCALE BATMAN - DARK KNIGHT SUIT The first in a number of excellent new figures from Hot Toys, this Batman is dressed in the new Dark Knight version of the costume.

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  • In Part 2 we see the things promised in Batman Begins get bad and we finally see the joker rise to notorious status and get caught leaving the city confused between who the Batman is and Harvey Dent being the white knight that they think died for their city then Batman being a fugitive of the law to save Dent's legacy.

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  • Taking off from that panel, The Black Cat (JM) has put all three young Boy Wonders in Batman's family at the same time, and for good measure added a baby version of Terry McGinnis, the future Batman from the Batman Beyond TV show.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • But now its hard for any superhero movie to be successful because another might have come out before it, like the Incredible Hulk, the movie wasn't that massive a hit beacuse of Iron Man, the people were still seeing Iron Man, the Dark Knight was different because again Batman is familiar to the public.

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  • And then in Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker when he messes with Robin, he gets so much glee out of it and the tone in his voice when he uses it to taunt Batman is about as evil as I've heard the character ever get.

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  • Batman is a Turkish word meaning shipwreck or ruin.


  • A wooden bathtub, which we call the Batman bathtub (The Dark Knight paid for it). '

    Culture |

  • Eventually, Dick moves out of the Batcave, reasoning that he cannot and will not try to be the same kind of Batman Bruce Wayne was but that a Batman is necessary and no one else can fit the role as well as he.

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