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  • proper noun A taxonomic superorder within the subclass Elasmobranchii — the rays.


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New Latin Ancient Greek βατίς (batis, "skate or ray") +‎ -oidea


  • There are three main categories of fish living on the bank: shallow water fish - mudskippers Periophthalmus spp. on the mudflats, with gobies Gobiidae, seahorses Syngnathidae and rays Batoidea in the seagrass beds; juveniles of species such as sea perch Lutjanus spp., croakers Argyrosomus spp and sea bass Centropristus and Dicentrachis spp. in the nursery seagrass beds; and various mullets, especially grey (yellow) Mugil cephalus and white mullet Mugil curema, which with groupers Epinephalus spp. and sea bream Sparus spp. are the basis of the traditional fishery.

    Banc d'Arguin National Park, Mauritania


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