Baudrillardian love


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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Jean Baudrillard (1929–2007), French sociologist and philosopher.


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Baudrillard +‎ -ian


  • Bray – a witty, elegant writer, with a penchant for mixing allusions to abstruse critical constructs (Kantian noumenon, Baudrillardian simulacra) with laddish phraseology which speaks of salaries somewhat "north of a million pounds" and Albert Finney's "dick-swinging" performance in Tom Jones – is keenly aware that the Bond films have contributed to what he calls "the infantilisation of cinema", but he cannot deny their centrality, and Connery's, to his own sense of self.

    Sean Connery by Christopher Bray

  • I am afraid "Scooch", the GB entry did not make it, it being a simulacrum, in the Baudrillardian sense and not a true Eurovision song at all.

    Tony Blair or the Eurovision Song Contest?

  • Maybe it's symptomatic that I can't remember the title ! of the only example that comes to mind: a short story in one of the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror collections, in which the predatory protagonist spouts the Baudrillardian line about theme parks and reality, while the cartoonish park itself turns out to be a place of genuine love and safety for the girl he's trying to destroy.

    The Little Professor:

  • I'm aware that there's an element in scholarship about virtual worlds that goes for full Baudrillardian claim that the boundary between the real and the simulated has collapsed--real money is play money, Magritte was wrong and this is a pipe, etc.

    May 2005

  • It's tempting to gloss everything Franco is doing as some postmodern exercise in performance, as though he's consciously operating on some Baudrillardian level of hyperreality.

    The Full Feed from

  • "Baudrillardian disappearance" into the silence of an ironic hyperconformity.


  • Faustus's Children uses its integration of political commentary with supernaturalism and a Baudrillardian aesthetic mission to reclaim pastiche as a form of political commentary from the 'blank parody' / 'dead language' paradigm identified by WarGames, "the 1983 blockbuster that chilled to the bone anyone who had newly installed an Apple IIe in the family room."

    GreenCine Daily

  • Leonard Wilcox's reaction to Bradley Butterfield's article, "The Baudrillardian Symbolic, 9 / 11, and the War of Good and Evil," and

    GreenCine Daily

  • We told you that sport is merely a Baudrillardian Phase of the Image entity, and did you believe us?

    Soccer Blogs - latest posts

  • To be honest, there's not an awful lot wrong with much of what they say -- Baudrillardian cityscapes excluded -- it's the way that they say it that sucks so badly.

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