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  • noun cooking A kind of layered cake.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From German Baumkuchen.


  • The cake was probably made by "Cafe Fromme" in Cologne which is still existing and known for their good "Baumkuchen" and other cakes.

    LIFE Wrecks

  • Yep, I was only going to agree on the 'Baumkuchen'.

    LIFE Wrecks

  • As starters on the cabin menu, rabbit terrine in layered 'Baumkuchen' cake will be served with pickled shallots and carrot mayonnaise or goat cheese pralines with beetroot and walnut dres-sing.

  • In the picture, the nearest one was Baumkuchen, next was a not overpoweringly sugared apple honey, then mocha chocolate, and strawberry.

    Kobe Sweets Festa 2009

  • (Although at $3.50 for Sakuranbo, $4 for Momoaya and $25 each for the Baumkuchen and the mocha roll I wouldn't exactly call my haul junk food.)

    One Delicious Way to Go

  • Sissy that I can be, my attention was immediately drawn to perhaps the two most Western items in the shop, a Baumkuchen

    One Delicious Way to Go

  • So I loaded up on everything she was having, instructed Ms. Simeon to throw in a Baumkuchen and a mocha roll just so, worst case scenario and I couldn't keep down the peach jelly or the bean paste, the afternoon wouldn't be a total bust, and headed back to the office to share my treats with Stephen Miller, The Wall Street Journal's obituary writer.

    One Delicious Way to Go

  • The one that looks like stacked donuts is called Baumkuchen...a very difficult cake to make, you spin a spit and drizzle layers of batter until it forms a many layered tree rings.

    LIFE Wrecks

  • Definitely Baumkuchen, with chocolate in this case.

    LIFE Wrecks

  • Here's what I found on the net for the Baumkuchen.

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