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  • n. Someone from Beijing


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Beijing +‎ -er


  • The Beijinger is a magazine which functions partly as a Craig's List here in Beijing.

    Andy Miah: My Beijing 2008: One World, One Private Party?

  • Zhang Yao, a 26-year-old Beijinger who recently became a bunny owner, bought a house cat last year to express her zodiac passion for the larger, fiercer tiger.

    In China, Bunnies Are Multiplying Like Rabbits as Their Year Nears

  • A 27-year-old male Beijinger I used to work with, who now works in advertising and studied in the UK for a year, had only just heard of the news when I asked him.

    Michael Standaert: Liu Xiaobo: Prisoner of Consciousness?

  • The person I most suspected would have known about Liu previously was Betty, a 26-year-old Beijinger who works in state-owned English-language media and is generally on top of most things.

    Michael Standaert: Liu Xiaobo: Prisoner of Consciousness?

  • To a Beijinger who makes an average 56,578 yuan, the menu is indeed extravagant, especially to the host who insists on footing the entire bill.

    China's New Year Feasts Go Upmarket

  • In a good way, because although it's exciting and dynamic and throbs with life and traffic and skyscrapers, I breathe a sigh of Beijinger relief on the bus ride out of town, as we finally leave the sprawling suburbs and low-hung sky to emerge in blinding sunshine in the kind of mountains a child would draw: range after range of pointy peaks topped with snow.

    Live like a local in Beijing

  • My experience in Xuzhou was instructive for this Beijinger, who rarely takes part in a culture that has defined generations of Chinese officials and businessmen.

    The Still-Strong Power of White Liquor

  • Mr. Wong, who hasn't yet seen "Aftershock," says he thinks one reason Mr. Feng's films are so successful is that the director, a Beijinger himself, is able to project the hopes, dreams and fears of China's northern urbanites.

    Blockbuster From China

  • “I spent six months meditating in a Tibetan monastery, but all I discovered was that the monks are as corrupt and lecherous as everybody else,” lamented another Beijinger.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Julia Ling, a native Beijinger who once was the on-air host of an English language, drive-time radio talk show for the government broadcast network, is a newlywed whose new career with a media start-up requires long hours and lots of travel around China.

    Shock of Gray


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