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Benguela Current


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  • proper n. A cold ocean current originating in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica, thence flowing northwards up the west coast of Africa as far as Angola. It provides nutrients for the sea life in the fishing grounds off the Cape of Good Hope.


From Benguela ("a town in Angola") + current. (Wiktionary)


  • Temperatures at one of the "Fram's" and one of the "Valdivia's" Stations, in the Benguela Current

    The South Pole~ List of Maps and Charts

  • Her course was then north-east or east until Station 32 in lat. 20º 30 'S. and long. 8º 10' E.; this station lay in the Benguela Current, about 800 miles from the coast of Africa, and it was taken on July 22.

    The South Pole~ Fram Expedition Oceanography

  • Now, it must be remembered that the current in the neighbourhood of St. Helena may be regarded as a continuation of the Benguela Current, which comes from the south and has relatively low salinities.

    The South Pole~ Fram Expedition Oceanography

  • The Benguela Current is then continued westward in the South Equatorial Current; a part of this afterwards turns to the north-west, and crosses the Equator into the North Atlantic, where it joins the North Equatorial Current.

    The South Pole~ Fram Expedition Oceanography

  • We mentioned that the Benguela Current is colder and less salt at the surface than the Brazil Current.

    The South Pole~ Fram Expedition Oceanography

  • In the South Atlantic we have the southward Brazil Current on the American side, and the northward Benguela Current on the African side.

    The South Pole~ Fram Expedition Oceanography

  • We require a larger and more complete material for comparison; but even that which is here referred to shows that there may be considerable yearly variations both in the important, relatively cold Benguela Current, and in the currents in other parts of the South Atlantic.

    The South Pole~ Fram Expedition Oceanography

  • Air temperatures are low as a result of the cool air coming off the Benguela Current, and daily and seasonal temperature changes are minimal, with daily highs and lows differing by as little as 2 to 5 °C.

    Namib desert

  • Rainfall is concentrated in the summer months, although precipitation from the mists, which rise as the cold Benguela Current meets warmer tropical waters offshore, occurs through most of the year.

    Angolan montane forest-grassland mosaic

  • The California Current, Benguela Current, and southwestern Atlantic shelf ecosystems: A comparative approach to identifying factors regulating biomass yields.

    South Brazil Shelf large marine ecosystem


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