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  • A town of southeast Germany in the Bavarian Alps. It is a popular winter and summer resort. The site of Adolf Hitler's wartime villa is on a peak overlooking the town. Population: 8,126.


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  • After you came to the US, how did you describe your childhood and growing up in Berchtesgaden?

    A Discussion with Irmgard Hunt, author of On Hitler's Mountain

  • By his own account Hitler arrived in Berchtesgaden in April of 1923, under the pseudonym Herr Wolf.

    The Hitler Shrine

  • Now, sixty years after the war, most people don’t even recognize the name Berchtesgaden or have, at best, a tourist perspective of the Eagle’s nest, Obersalzberg, and the town.

    A Discussion with Irmgard Hunt, author of On Hitler's Mountain

  • Mass entertainment was revolutionised with the arrival of talkieseven Mickey Mouse muscled in on the act with Steamboat Willieand at a place called Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian mountains, Adolf Hitler was busy dictating the second volume of Mein Kampf to Rudolf Hess.

    Fathers & Sons

  • In that issue, James Manilla gave a brief review of a film that he claimed was made by Riefenstahl entitled Berchtesgaden über Salzburg.

    An Exchange on Leni Riefenstahl

  • Some propaganda lines his brain trust dreamed up made sense: German soldiers are freezing on the Eastern Front because they were issued only summer clothing, while Hitler is snug and warm at his Berchtesgaden retreat.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • Since his surrender six months earlier at his Bavarian villa near Berchtesgaden, Göring had lost his swagger and joviality, as well as some of his 340-pound girth.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • The führer had earlier summoned Horthy to Berchtesgaden and bluntly told him he could no longer “stand aside and watch the Hungarian government make attempt after attempt to come to terms” with the enemy.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • Sachrang, where Herzog grew up, is not far from Berchtesgaden and the Berghof, Hitler's mountain residence.

    Werner Herzog, the adventurous spirit

  • Mr. Winters, who separated from the Army at the rank of major, and his men fought together from D-Day, through the Battle of the Bulge and later occupied Adolf Hitler's mountainside retreat, the Eagle's Nest, near Berchtesgaden.

    Dick Winters dies; WWII hero commanded 'Band of Brothers'


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